Important Tips for Handling the Denial of Your Disability Claim

Disability claim denied in California?

Obtaining the benefits you rightfully deserve from your disability insurance company is not always easy.  We have a FREE guide available, Important Tips for Handling the Denial of Your Disability Claim. This FREE download is full of facts about the appeal process and tips for improving your chance of success.

There are pitfalls to avoid and key advice to follow BEFORE Continue Reading

Help For Policy Holders Denied Disability Benefits

An insurance company must handle claims from a policyholder in a fair manner; it is the law in California. It is illegal for an insurance company to engage in ‘‘unfair’’ claims practices, such as:

  • Failing to promptly explain the reason for denying a claim or offering a compromise settlement.
  • Failing to act in ‘‘good faith’’ to settle a claim in which liability is reasonably clear.

What steps do I have to take when my claim is denied?

The process to appeal a denial of a claim can be extremely difficult and time consuming. To complicate matters, each insurer has different processes and each policy has different terms. Appeals must be filed within a certain period of time following a denial. Meanwhile, medical records, testimonials, videos, and other evidence must be gathered and submitted into the case record within a certain length of time as well. It is recommended that you Continue Reading

Do long-term disability benefits only cover work-related injuries?

Many people think that long-term disability benefits only cover injuries that happen on the job, but according to Eric Kingsley, more than 95% of these claims are estimated to be non work-related. For example, cancer, mental illness, chronic illnesses, neurological disorders, and certain degenerative diseases may all be covered by a long-term disability insurance policy.

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Can my insurance company cancel my policy because I filed a disability claim?

My disability insurance policy was canceled when I filed a claim. I paid my premiums; can my insurance company cancel my policy because I filed a disability claim?

It is not uncommon for an insurance company, in a disability policy, when faced with a claim to go back to the insured’s original application and scrutinize it for any reason to rescind (cancel) the policy altogether. When a company behaves in this way, their actions and motives should be thoroughly investigated to determine whether they actually had grounds to rescind, and whether their reason for doing so was based on business or bad faith.

Further, if the policy has not been in effect for at least two years, disability insurance carriers may attempt to rescind the policy by contending that the insured made material misrepresentations in their insurance policy. This process is called “post-claims underwriting,” which is illegal in California. If you are dealing with the rescission of your policy, we may be able to help you.

At Kingsley & Kingsley, our team of attorneys has a long history of going up against insurance companies when they are in the wrong. If you have been denied medical or disability benefits, contact Kingsley & Kingsley for a free consultation and evaluation of your situation.

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